A little history about Vasa Park

Vasa Park is the realization of a dream which grew out of the activities of the “VASA KOMMITTEE” organized in 1933. By 1936 there were seven (7) lodges represented. North Star No. 106, Skandia No. 247, Viking No. 256, Evening Star No. 426, Mayflower No. 445 and Svea No. 496. At the District Convention February 25, 1939, bylaws were approved and the “VASA KOMMITTE” officially given their name.

Its purpose was to strengthen the bonds between lodges by arranging one or more mutually beneficial events yearly. For a number of years. The Komitte arranged annual picnics at various sites throughout Southern California. Namely: Whitting Woods, Grona Lund, Hindenburg Park, Royal Palm Park, Montebello Park. La Crescenta Park, and the L.A. Breakfast Club. At first, net money was given to the District Lodge for Convention expenses, but in the following years the Komitte retained only a percentage of the net money from the raffle and the rest was returned to the lodges, based on the amount of raffle tickets sold.

April 27, 1946, the first directors of the newly formed Vasa Park Association, Inc. were named. Herman Peterson – North Star, Henrik Vought – Svea, Oscar Nelson – Viking, Lars Lindhal – North Star, Falke Paulson – Mayflower, Einar Nilson – Thule, Axel Lindholm – Mayflower.

A non-profit corporation was formed under the provision of Title XII, Article 1, Part IV of the Civil Code of the State of California, and incorporation was filed with the Secretary of State May 17, 1946 with the same Directors.


At the District Convention February 22, 23 1947 the “VASA KOMITTE” surrendered all belongings to their successors, “THE VASA PARK COMMITTEE”. Negotiations were completed for the purchase of a 24 acre park site in Triunfo Canyon, Cornell, California for $12,000 and on Sunday, August 27, 1950 the first “VASA DAY” was held at Vasa Park. Construction of the stage building was followed by the hamburger stand, presented to the park by North Star Lodge in 1953. The Grand opening of the swimming pool, on August 3, 1958, the addition of the caretakers cottage, restrooms, water wheel, and Kaffe Stuga in 1960, and the installation of the wrought iron gate and pillars in 1972. Kitchen equipment was provided and maintained over the years by the Vasa Park Ladies Auxiliary, which disbanded in 1978.

The delegates of the Vasa Park Association continue to work for the main purpose of the association, which is to provide recreational facilities for the social benefit of Vasa members in Southern California.

Facts About Vasa Park

· Vasa Park is primarily designed as a daytime picnic ground, providing a serene and family-friendly outdoor experience.

· Our park operates actively for approximately seven months each year, emphasizing seasonal enjoyment and making the most of favorable weather conditions. The park does not host activities on major holidays.

· Our activities are intentionally family-oriented, fostering a sense of togetherness and appreciation for the outdoors. This aligns with our commitment to creating a space where families can connect, relax, and create lasting memories in a natural setting.

· Vasa Park consciously declines offers for hosted weddings and music concerts, underscoring our commitment to maintaining the park’s tranquil ambiance and focus on family-centric activities. By adhering to these principles, we provide a unique and specialized experience that distinguishes Vasa Park from other event venues in the area.